Simplify your compliance with the
NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit

Say goodbye to expensive consultants and complex templates. Naq simplifies your organisation's compliance with the NHS DSPT so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Trusted by leading British & European NHS suppliers

"I'm really impressed with the service I've received from Naq. Without their support, it would have been a nightmare to complete our NHS DSPT and Cyber Essentials applications."

Andy Hall, Chief Scientific Officer, RareCan

Naq takes the complexity out of achieving the NHS DSPT standard.

By combining an automated platform with unlimited expert support, Naq automates over 80% of the NHS DSPT requirements, cutting over 140 hours of manual work every year. 

For the things that can’t be automated, you’ll get support from our NHS DSPT specialists, saving you thousands in consultancy fees.

They won’t just tell you what to do; they will actively guide you, step by step, through the process, ensuring that you meet and maintain your supplier requirements.

Fast-Track Your NHS DSPT & Save 140+ Hours of Work

Naq replaces complex templates and spreadsheets with a powerful platform. Our platform automatically generates the policies, documentation and training your organisation requires to meet the NHS DSPT standard, saving you hundreds of hours of work. 

Beyond just getting you compliant, Naq’s platform keeps you that way - raising alerts if the NHS DSPT standard gets updated or your organisation falls out of compliance.

Swap Costly Consultants for Comprehensive Expertise

For the DSPT requirements that require a human touch, our compliance experts are right by your side, offering comprehensive guidance and support. Instead of simply handing you a checklist, they'll actively guide you through what you must do to meet NHS DSPT compliance. 

Say goodbye to hidden costs for a DPO, GDPR representative, or steep consultation fees. Every bit of expert support you need is included in your Naq subscription.

Everything You Need to Meet NHS Supplier Obligations

Your Naq subscription covers all your NHS supplier requirements, including GDPR compliance and Cyber Essentials certification. Our support goes beyond "standards exceeded". From handling Subject Access Requests to answering due diligence questionnaires, our compliance team is ready to help.

While compliance might win contracts, security retains trust. Naq monitors your systems, ensuring your business and customer data remains secured, backed by incident response when you need it most.

“Naq's platform made the complex journey of achieving NHS DSPT compliance remarkably straightforward. Their team of experts were always responsive and went above and beyond to address our queries and concerns. Highly recommended.”

Dr Ali Alhakim, Co-Founder, Visiopath

Everything you need to meet the NHS DSPT standard

Our combination of automated platform and unlimited compliance support enables hundreds of British and European SMEs to effortlessly meet the supplier requirements set by the NHS.

Naq's platform automates over 80% of the NHS DSPT process, saving you hundreds of work hours.

GDPR compliance and Cyber Essentials certification are included as standard.

Get all the information governance and security training your organisation needs to meet the NHS DSPT standard.

Keep your customer's data secure and your business's reputation protected, and get expert guidance on what to do during a cyber attack.

Access to your own compliance team, who will guide and support you to meet NHS compliance confidently.

A Virtual Data Protection Officer and GDPR Representative to assist with data compliance queries.

Naq will automatically complete your DSPT submission and answer your customer's security questionnaires.

Seamlessly addadditional frameworks like NHS DTAC, DCB0129, IS20071 and more without duplicating your work.

Simplify your NHS DSPT Compliance

Book a free NHS DSPT consultation and let our experts show you how to streamline your NHS supplier requirements so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Naq takes the complexity out of achieving compliance. Join hundreds using Naq to achieve, monitor and manage their data compliance programme, eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work and keeping their data protected.

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