Take the complexity out of your
NHS DTAC compliance

Say goodbye to expensive consultants and complex templates. Naq simplifies DTAC compliance, effortlessly elevating your solution to meet the NHS standard.

Trusted by leading British & European NHS suppliers

"I'm really impressed with the service I've received from Naq. Without their support, it would have been a nightmare to complete our NHS applications."

Andy Hall, Chief Scientific Officer, RareCan

The simpler way to ensure your digital health solution meets the DTAC standard

Naq doesn't just tell you how to meet DTAC compliance; it actively helps you achieve it.

Our platform automates 75% of the evidence required by the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria, removing the guesswork from what you need to ensure your digital health solution makes it to the healthcare market.

Our NHS compliance experts then guide you through the rest, ensuring you can prove your solution meets the rigorous standards needed to work with the NHS and other healthcare organisations.

Fast-track your solution's journey to DTAC readiness

Naq simplifies the task of assembling your DTAC evidence. Our platform automatically generates 75% of the required DTAC documentation, from DPIAs to Legal Registers and Audit Procedures, saving you over 160 hours of manual work and getting your solution compliant faster.

Track, manage and review your compliance through your dedicated Naq dashboard, providing a clear overview of where your solution stands against the DTAC standards.

Swap costly consultants for Comprehensive Expertise

For the things that can’t be automated, you’ll get comprehensive support from our compliance experts. With a track record of getting solutions DTAC compliant, they’re more than just advisers — they’re partners in your journey to compliance.

From creating bespoke documentation to answering compliance questionnaires, we ensure you aren’t left deciphering a checklist. Instead, you get actionable support every step of the way.

Everything you need to meet NHS DTAC requirements

Meeting the DTAC requirements also means meeting compliance with frameworks like Cyber Essentials, UK-GDPR, NHS DSPT and DCB20129. Your Naq subscription covers compliance with these standards, ensuring you have everything you need to meet the DTAC standard.

Pursue additional standards such as ISO27001 and enhance your security posture with services like vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, all available through Naq.

“Naq's platform made the complex journey of achieving NHS compliance remarkably straightforward. Their team of experts were always responsive and went above and beyond to address our queries and concerns. Highly recommended.”

Dr Ali Alhakim, Co-Founder, Visiopath

Everything you need to meet the NHS DTAC standard

Our combination of automated platform and expert compliance support enables hundreds of British and European SMEs to effortlessly meet the supplier requirements set by the NHS.

Naq's platform automates 75% of the documentation required to meet the DTAC standard, saving you over 160 hours.

GDPR compliance, Cyber Essentials and NHS DSPT included as standard.

From end-point protection to risk management and penetration testing, Naq ensures your solution keeps patient data safe.

Keep your customer's data secure and your business's reputation protected, and get expert guidance on what to do in the event of a data breach.

Access to your own compliance team, who will guide and support you to confidently meet NHS compliance.

Get a Virtual DPO and GDPR Representative to assist with data compliance queries.

Naq automatically completes your DTAC and DSPT submissions and your customer's security questionnaires.

Seamlessly add frameworks like DCB0129, IS20071 and more without duplicating your work.

A simpler way to meet the NHS DTAC standard

Book a free NHS DTAC consultation and let our experts show you how to streamline your NHS supplier requirements so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Naq takes the complexity out of achieving compliance. Join hundreds using Naq to achieve, monitor and manage their data compliance programme, eliminating hundreds of hours of manual work and keeping their data protected.

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